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    You don't always have to spend lots of money or even buy cheap clothes in order to enhance your wardrobe or update your look. All you have to do is make minor adjustments to your clothes and accessories. You need to learn to shop smart and planned before your next shopping trip. Here are some tips and tricks to help you freshen up your wardrobe for less money.

    First, take an assessment of your existing wardrobe. Every wardrobe meets the basic pieces such as a white blouse, black dress pants, a little black dress, a neutral cardigan, a knee length skirt, a pair of jeans, a solid color turtleneck, a solid color T-shirt, a jacket, a pair of heels, a pair of boots, a pair of dress flats, a pair of casual flats, and a basic handbag. This is the foundation list any good wardrobe. From here women can mix-and-match to create outfits for any occasion without spending a lot of money on buying new clothes.

    Always take advantage of the end of season sales. Stores can actually give things away at the end of the season to make room for next season's goods. Find out about the sales by joining a stores mailing list. Typically a store start spring sales in March and have clearance in April. July is prime time for summer sales to start which run straight through August in clearance mode. Fall sales happen in September through October. Winter sales start directly after Thanksgiving. Sales continue through the holiday season and Clearance starts the day after Christmas through January.

    Always try shopping at consignment shops or other secondhand stores. You can even find brand names and at the same time take your old clothes to consignment shops and get money back that will help you make minor updates to your already existing wardrobe.

    Here are some tips to mix-and-match to create new outfit combos. If you are always wearing the same outfit's, for example, tailored black pants, black sheath dress, colorful blouse, tailored jacket and pretty cardigan, mix and match these key pieces to create different outfits.

    Another way to update a wardrobe is to use trendy accessories. Jewelry and shoes can enhance your look without breaking the bank.

    Change your handbag. You can visit the nearest bag or shoe repair shop and take off your current strap or handle and replace it with a different one.

    You can also re-create your jewelry. Take your long necklaces and double them up. You can also tie a ribbon on the ends that creates a newer chunkier version of an old necklace and it instantly changes your outfit.

    You need to be cautious and understand your budget. If something is on sale you don't always have to buy it. Sometimes there might be an item that is more pricey but it's worth the money by investing in a classic shape or color. This way you get more than a seasons wear out of it.