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    Monthly Fashion Guide to Discounts

    There are sales everywhere, all the time. However, there are certain months that offer better discounts on particular items over other months of the year and visa versa. Knowing when the best time to purchase merchandise from your favorite fashion retailer is paramount. Read the month to month guide below to become a savvy shopper of season end sales, major discounts, and holiday bargains. Shop smarter, not harder.


    Start looking out for discounts the day after Christmas. January is a great month for post-holiday sales and promotions. It is also a great time to stock up on winter related gear. There are countless deals on winter clothing during the month of January on items such as coats, gloves, boots, sweaters, and mufflers.


    The discounts on winter wear only get deeper during the month of February! Whatever has yet to sell since January is expected to drop down at least another twenty percent in February. Also expect to see sales on sleepwear, bras, and loungewear during this month as well.


    March is not the best month to search for sales. Almost all of the discounted winter gear will have been picked through and brand new full priced spring merchandise will begin to fill each store.


    During the month of April sales begin to pick back up again. Sneakers are one of the biggest items to receive markdowns in April. Jewelry also tends to go on sale during April as well. Once the Easter holiday passes, be on the lookout for spring dress sale events. The summer inventory will begin to slowly replace all spring related merchandise at this time, forcing retailers to discount all spring clothing, accessories, and decor. Rain gear will go on clearance during April as well, so check out the racks for bargain pricing on rain boots, coats, and/or umbrellas.


    Mothers Day Sale

    There will not be many markdowns before the Mother's Day holiday as it is centered around gift giving. However, there will be several amazing pieces in May to purchase - just not for a discounted price. Keep your head up though, as you can expect major sales in the days following Mother's Day on items like jewelry, lounge wear, clothing and cosmetic gift sets.


    Although the month of June itself does not offer many sale events, you will discover that certain pieces of swimwear, summer dress, and shorts will begin to find themselves on the sale rack towards the end of the month. The craziest part is that summer doesn't even officially begin until the 21st of June! Just think of the sales that will occur mid-season.


    The summer sales really begin to heat up in July. After the holiday of July 4th passes you will begin to see deeper discounts popping up everywhere on all different types of summer wear. Handbags also typically go on sale during the month of July as well.


    August is the month for back to school sales. You will find deals on all kinds of clothing, shoes, and school gear. August is also the month to find pre-season discounts on all new fall garments and designer clothing. You will typically find pre-season clothing at about twenty five percent off the original retail price. The hot summer sales set on fire during August as retailers need to make room for the incoming fall stock. You can find summer merchandise for up to fifty or even eighty percent off during August but make sure to get to the sale racks fast as these sales never last.


    September is the month for bargain hunting. You will still be able to find summer clothing at practically give-away prices but the pickings will be slim. Plus, it is much too early in the season to find substantial sales on any fall clothing.


    Unfortunately, October is not a month meant for sales. However, you may be able to find a deal or two on designer denim, so if you are in the market for a new pair of jeans - October is the month to look.


    Black Friday Sale

    November is the placeholder for the notorious Black Friday shopping holiday. On the day after Thanksgiving you will find thousands of people searching and sifting through some of the year's best deals. Clothing, fashion accessories, toys, home decor and even appliances go on major sale during Black Friday. Be sure to check out your local newspaper to locate the best bargains nearest you. Following Black Friday is Cyber Monday, the largest online sale of the year. November is the year's top month for discounts and promotions.


    The day after Christmas is a great time to look for deals. Any items that were not purchased as Christmas gifts will be on major sale. Keep in mind the stores will be crowded, so it may be in your best interest to check out the online deals first. Party dresses will unfortunately still be full price because of the upcoming New Year's holiday.