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  • 8 Tips For Finding Deals on Designer Denim

    Designer denim tends to error on the expensive side of the clothing spectrum. Your favorite designer jeans may run you upwards of a hundred dollars or more. Thus, it is worth the effort to look for deals on your preferred designer denim brands. Below, you will find 8 tips on how and when to look for brand name denim sales in order to reap the best bang for your buck. Your style doesn't have to suffer because you are on a budget.

    1. Season End Sales

    Season End Sales

    One of the easiest ways to save on designer denim is to shop the season end sales. Basically, big name denim brands host their largest sales at the end of each major season, typically during the last months of the summer and/or winter fashion seasons. It is quite common to find designer denim up to 50% off or more at these season end sales. Most retailers prefer to showcase next season's styles a few months early, so that is why you often find 'last season's' trendiest styles on sale near the middle/end of each season. For example, winter season end sales usually begin in January, while summer season end sales usually start in July. Be sure not to miss out on these amazing denim deals! Designer denim is built to last you for years to come.

    2. Understand the Year-Round Sales Cycles

    Veteran designer denim sale hunters understand that retailers are constantly moving merchandise through their stores in order to clear out leftovers and make room for new, mid-season, or up and coming inventory. Once you get to know your favorite retailers sale cycles, you will be able to find deals on your favorite designer denim all year long. It is common for retailers to recycle any unsold merchandise to the sale racks after a six to eight week shelf life. Thus, it is in your best interest to wait a couple of weeks to buy that new pair of jeans you have been eying. If waiting until the sale proves to be tough on you, always remember you will be able to own one of the trendiest styles of jeans available for significantly lower than the original asking price. Just be sure to check the clearance racks often as designer denim sale inventory does not last long.

    3. Holiday Sales

    Holiday sales are only for the brave. Unfortunately, in order to reap the benefits of a big holiday sale, you will have to face large, sweaty, and demanding crowds. Take Black Friday as an example, it is a great day to find amazing deals on preferred designer denim styles, but it is also an extremely popular sale date. Thousands of people from each surrounding city come to shop these great deals making it hard for companies to guarantee that you will find what you are looking for. Several retailers hold sales around other holidays as well, such as, Mother's Day and the day after Christmas. Be sure to ask your favorite designer denim retailers if they will be participating in these smaller sale dates.

    4. Social Media

    Social media is great way to connect with your favorite designer brands. Link up with them on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram to be the first to hear about their upcoming sales and promotions. It is also quite common for brands to share exclusive insider discounts, online deals, and coupon codes on their social media platforms as well. Additionally, retailers are known for holding social media contests at least once a month, giving you the chance to score major discounts or even free denim.

    5. Email Newsletters

    If you prefer the denim deals to come to you, then be sure to sign up to your favorite designers and stores newsletters. This way you will receive insider email alerts on the regular. Newsletters typically announce any upcoming sales, discount codes, and the latest denim styles to look out for.

    6. Online Outlets

    Online Outlets

    The internet is notorious for hosting thousands of great deals daily on designer denim. You just have to to look in all of the right places to find these awesome deals. The best place to start is by searching for an online fashion outlet website. These sites host astonishing sales on high end denim all year round. Rest assured that many of these outlet websites receive their denim straight from the manufacturer in pristine condition. You know you have hit the jackpot when the online outlet is well organized, easy to navigate, and offers deep discounts regularly. Just think with these incredible online deals you will never have to pay full price for designer denim again.

    7. Retail Outlets

    Outlet stores and malls are another great place to find major deals on designer denim. Retail outlets are popularly known for marking their merchandise down to 70% off the original asking price. Visiting your nearest retail outlet is well worth the bargain bin diving and long rack searching. If you are unsure as to whether or not your favorite designer is carried in an outlet - just ask your local retailer. As you complete your outlet purchases be sure to thoroughly inspect your denim items for any minor stains, rips, or flaws. However, keep in mind if you find a pair of perfectly fitting denim at a major discount with a minor flaw or two, BUY IT ANYWAY. Minor flaws are easier to fix than spending hundreds of dollars more on the same pair of jeans at your local retailer. If the flaw really bothers you, ask the cashier for a further discount upon checkout. An insane deal is bound to make you feel better about a flaw or two. Keep in mind when outlet shopping most sale are final. No returns or refunds are ever typically accepted, so make sure you are in love with your selection before you finalize your purchase.

    8. Mobile Shopping Applications

    There are countless applications available on today's smartphone operating systems designed to help you find the most amazing deals on brand name merchandise. You can use these applications to help locate deals on designer denim both online and instore. Mobile shopping applications are also recognized for providing shoppers with up to date discount codes and coupons, allowing you to attain bigger bargains on designer denim than you ever thought possible before.